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Here at Cakesmiths HQ, we're constantly striving to improve our service to you and your customers. So, if you're new to us, you'll be pleased to know that we've listened to your comments and have decided to launch a brand new starter pack. 

You'll now be able to try our cakes for even less - which means even more profit for you. 

So, what do you get with this all-new starter pack?

We want to ensure that our products are consistently meeting your needs and your customer’s dietary requirements. That’s why all of our products are vegetarian friendly (only exception is the Rocky Reward) with some also made without gluten and dairy. How about your vegan customers? Worry not, as we’ve got that covered two. Behold, our two delicious varieties of flapjack that are as vegan friendly as it gets.

Every couple of weeks, we'll be answering a few quick fire questions so you can get to know the team behind the Cakesmith's magic.

Today, we meet Jade - finisher extraordinaire!

One of the world's most chocolatey treats, the humble brownie is a firm favourite when it comes to a mid-morning indulgence. So, where did it come from? Well, you might not be surprised to know that it all started back in 1893 in America.

Our selection for Christmas this year features two returning favorites and the must try all new After Dark. It's a variation on the Salted Caramel bubbles so has good pedigree & will surely gain a strong foll-ho-ho-ho-ing! 


View the Cakesmiths promotional video to get a glimpse of how we work behind the scenes...

We've added brownie points to show our appreciation for your loyalty.

Meet our team who so lovingly create all of our delicious cakes and flapjacks...

Posting cake to accounts across the country posed conflict with the face to face way in which we have built our business.  However...

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