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Check out the short videos below for expert tips from our Cake Champion Alice, or head straight to our most frequently asked questions and answers below.


Welcome To Cakesmiths


New to Cakesmiths? Alice is here to tell you a little about who we are, what we do, and how we can help!


Getting Your Delivery

Unboxing Your Cakes

Find out what to expect when you open your first Cakesmiths delivery, and how to dispose of the packaging.


Caring For Your Cake

Caring For Your Cake

From TrayBakes to Loafcakes, follow our guide to getting the most out of your delicious bakes.


Getting The Most Out Of Your Cakes

Getting The Most Out Of Your Cakes!

To fridge or not to fridge? Let Alice show you how to keep your cakes looking and tasting fantastic. Or download our printable guide cake care guide and savouries care guide.


How Best To Display Your Cakes

How Best To Display Your Cakes

Follow Alice's tips on the best ways to display your cakes and create an eyecatching counter.


How To Sell and Upsell

How To Sell And Upsell

Our cake is perfect as it is, but here are a couple of tasty ideas to add a little something extra to your menu! Warm Apple Crumble cake anyone?


Questions and Answers


What does 'Very Low Gluten' really mean? Why is everything frozen? Get some answers for common queries!

Our Durable and Recyclable Packaging


Take a moment to watch Emilia explain the changes we've made to our packaging. It's sturdier, stays cooler for longer and is 100% kerbside recyclable - our cakes are treated like royalty from our bakery to your door!

Serving our Marvelous Muffins


Watch our short video for some simple tips to give your customers the ultimate savoury muffin experience!
From whether to warm, to serving suggestions - we're here to help.

Or if you'd prefer a printable version, download the PDF.

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Do you send samples?

We think sample packs can be a bit hit and miss, that's why we offer you the chance to get the full Cakesmiths experience for free instead! Simply choose two full trays to try, and we'll send you £40 off your next order. Get the full details here.

Do you bake any gluten-free cakes?

We have several cakes in our range that have been made without gluten-containing ingredients. We hold a BRC grade AA accreditation and have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to manage allergens within our bakery to minimise the risks of cross-contamination. There is however still a very small risk, therefore, we label these products Very Low Gluten. Browse the range now.

Please use the filter at the top of the category pages to find these products faster. Should you have any questions regarding our Very Low Gluten products or any other allergen, please don't hesitate to get in touch or see our Allergen Advice Sheet.

Do you offer credit accounts?

We are able to offer a credit account to multi-store or more frequent users where your monthly spend exceeds £2000. We also offer payment by GoCardless a nifty payment solution that allows non-cardholders to order without the need to pay at the point of purchase, ideal for managed stores. We monitor spend levels and reserve the right to remove credit accounts as neccessary. If either of these solutions is of interest please get in touch via our contact page or give us a call. 

I have several coffee shops can I order in bulk?

We deal with a number of smaller coffee shop groups and can supply larger palletised quantities directly or through your nominated carrier. Please get in touch via our Contact Page or give us a call.

Can I mix cakes from the different ranges?

Absolutely! Yes, you can, mix ‘n’ match any cakes you like. There is a minimum order value of £75 and it's £150 for FREE delivery.

Why do you freeze and portion?

Cake is very fragile so freezing ensures they travel well, arriving in the condition that they left the bakery. Freezing also preserves the flavour and prolongs the shelf life without damaging the structure of the cake. We can't tell the difference between a cake that's been frozen and one that hasn't.

Pre-cutting enables you the flexibility to defrost only the slices required to make your display, keeping the remainder frozen. Defrosting slices out of their packaging at room temperature only takes an hour ensuring you always have amazing cakes at your fingertips with little chance of wastage!

Do you make bespoke products?

Yes, we do make bespoke lines however this is quantity and commitment dependent. We are constantly working on new ideas and would be very happy to discuss your requirements.

I am unsure what to order, what are your top sellers?

When it comes to ordering we understand that it can be a little overwhelming at first. To lend a helping hand we have listed our top 10 sellers below. Why not give them a try on your next order?
  • Cinnamon Classic Sticky Buns
  • Ultimate Carrot - Vegan
  • Morello Cherry Blondie
  • Big Rock
  • Banana and Chocolate Loaf
  • Billionaire's Shortbread
  • Blueberry Bakewell
  • Salted Caramel Brownie
  • Super Dark Brownie
  • Dark and Fruity Flapjack

How much should I sell your products for?

Giving a specific RRP for our cakes is tricky as it differs greatly from region to region. The most helpful thing to say is that having spoken with many of our customers the below seems to be the average pricing bands:
  • £2.35-£3.15 per traybake, brownie or flapjack
  • £3.65-£4.15 per sticky bun
  • £2.95-£3.45 loaf slice
  • £3.15-£3.95 per traycake slice
  • £1.75-£2.25 per pastel de nata
  • £3.65-£4.15 per slice of round cake
  • £3.50-£3.95 per muffin 
  • £2.75-£3.25 per scone
  • £3.50-£4.95 per croissant or cruffin
  • £2.50-£3.50 per cookie

I don't have a coffee shop, can I still order?

We regularly supply mobile catering, such as coffee vans and carts, so if you require your order to be delivered to a residential address, that's fine, just remember that we only deliver to businesses.

If you'd like your favourite Cakesmiths treats at your wedding or event, speak to your caterers about placing an order with us - we're always happy to discuss options.

Got a question? Don't hesitate to call the office on 0117 941 3065.

Will you deliver to a festival site?

Due to the risks involved in delivering to large festival sites, we will not be held responsible for missing parcels if our courier has obtained a signature or left in a safe place at the given festival site. Unfortunately, hand in hand with this, orders delivered to festival sites must be paid for at the point of purchase by a debit card to avoid the risk of conflict overpayment, in the event of the order not finding its destination.

Are your products Halal?

We are not certified to produce Halal products.

Does Natasha's Law apply to your cakes?

The majority of our cakes come pre-cut in trays designed to be displayed on counters for sale to your customers and therefore Natasha’s law doesn’t apply.

We are aware that some customers may choose to repackage our cakes for direct sale. By doing this, Natasha’s law applies. Ingredient and allergen information can be found on the label of the original packaging in which the cake was delivered.

For further information on the requirements of Natasha’s Law please go to the Food Standards Agency website: Allergen labelling changes for prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) food | Food Standards Agency.