Meet the Team


Our Bakers

The most important ingredient 

An incredible team of super-nimble bakers, they're pretty mean with a whisk and a spoon!

The bosses

Cake Eating Officer

Chris O

Cake aficionado Chris has been in the cake business for longer than he can remember. He’ll tell you that he runs the business, but really it’s just an excuse to grab the first slice at tasting sessions.


The Cake Inventor

Cake creativity & passion incarnate 

Mike, our truly amazing walking encyclopedia of all things baking!

Packing Nijas

The Packing Ninjas

Sponsored by Sellotape

Masters of box origami, 3D Tetris and pallet Jenga. These guys are packing and posting cake quicker than you can say flapjack!

Millie and Emma

The Customer Happiness Team

Lily, Emma, Tom, and Poppy!

There isn't much this team can't deal with. Cool as cucumbers in a crisis and always happy to help.

Nidge nodge

Sales Champion


Nigel is our intrepid roadrunner 'meep meep'! He can often be found meandering the roads of Great Britain with a boot full of delicious cakes! 

Cake Champion

Cake Champion


The smiling face of Cakesmiths and chief collector of customer feedback.

Creative Queen

Creative Queen


Our food photographer extraordinaire, the face behind our beautiful instagram, website & all things creative. 




Mads spends her days talking about cake, thinking about cake and eating cake with coffee shop owners. How do we get a job like that?

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