Getting a taste for salted caramel

Salted Caramel Bubbles

In the case of salted caramels, the influence came directly from France. Heavily salted butter caramels are a traditional treat in Brittany. More recently, Pierre Hermé, the Parisiapastry chef known for his experimentation, invented a salted caramel macaron that inspired a small cult among American food professionals in the late 1990s.

Rising along a parallel path, meanwhile, was a related trend, salted chocolate. Mr. Hermé sprinkled chocolate with fleur de sel, a flaky salt hand-harvested from the marshes of Brittany. In 1998, the San Francisco chocolate maker Michael Recchiuti was selling his own fleur de sel caramels covered in chocolate.

In 2008, Ice Cream flavours brought salted caramel to the masses and the rest is history. So, what's your favourite odd flavour?
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