Meet the Team


Our Bakers

We couldn't live without this squad!

An AWESOME team of super-nimble bakers - They are pretty mean with a whisk and a spoon!


The Cake Inventor

Meet Mike

Our truly amazing walking encyclopedia of all things cake!


Bakery Boss

The Man that makes it happen!

Dom is like the A-Team. If you have a problem if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire... The A-Team! or ask Dom

Packing Nijas

The Packing Ninjas

Sponsored by Sellotape!

Masters of box origami, 3D Tetris and pallet Jenga. The packing ninjas really stick the team together! 


Queen of Customer Happiness

Wonderful Gemma!

Our true people's Queen. If you ever need any help just ask Gem...

Tom Lang

Customer Support Ninja

(little) Tom

Tom actually has a better phone than that, & is always happy to help.

Give him a shout!


The Digital Sorcerer

OJ is the master of Google

A mixer of technical knowledge and creative genius.


Our Sales Guru


Guru; noun ~ an influential teacher or popular expert. We think Simon is both.

The bosses

Cake Bosses 1,2,3

Tom, George & Mike

Ever supportive of crazy ideas and interesting innovative cakes!