Cakesmiths Meets: Roll the Dice at New Board Game Cafe

The resurgence in popularity of board games has seen the first board game café open in Bristol. Chance & Counters is the brainchild of three friends – Steve, Luke and Richard - who set up a successful Kickstarter campaign to help fund the creation of the café space.

The premise of Chance & Counters is simple. Take a seat, chose from the library of 300 games available, order some quality food and drink and lose a few hours with friends and family – away from the glaring lights of a LCD screen.

And judging by how quickly the Kickstarter campaign was funded, the demand for good old-fashioned analog board games is alive and kicking.

Since it opened in May 2016, the café has become popular with families looking to spend quality time together and is booked up most evenings as friends come and pit their wits against each other over a beer or two.

Alongside the games, the café serves fresh food and drink, ranging from locally-sourced ales and ciders to quality snacks and light meals to keep their customers going over a long game of monopoly. In fact, what’s better than a slice of our Ultimate Almond Brownie (it’s Steve favourite by the way) to get you past GO and collect £200. Pall Mall to buy anyone?

To find out more about Chance & Counters or to book a table, visit

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