Two Chimps Coffee - Like a Pig in Pyjamas

Two Chimps source these flavourful speciality beans from the Poder Femenino farm and the San Rafael farm in Los Limos, Honduras. The San Rafael farm is owned by Norma Iris Fiallos and surrounded by acidic pine forest soil, which adds a truly unique flavour to the cup. The growers process the coffee using the washed method to add a crystal-clear brightness we love. 
Snug and warming, this lovely coffee is all we want on winter evenings. Take a sip and savour its rounded, honey-like flavours of rich chocolate, dried fruits and sweet golden toffee. The Two Chimps team roast this organically certified coffee medium/dark to accentuate its caramelised sweetness. A true standout coffee to elevate the everyday.

Tasting notes: Rich chocolate, toffee, dried fruit acidity

Espresso ratio: 1:2

1kg Espresso Beans

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