Banana Split

This Small Batch is serving up some seriously retro vibes. Steeped in nostalgia, and designed to stand out this wonderfully whimsical take on the classic American dessert is the ultimate addition to your weekend cake selection. 

We've taken a soft and moist banana cake and filled each layer with a thick spread of creamy banana-infused clotted cream frosting perfectly balanced by a layer of tart homemade cherry jam. Each slice is then adorned with expertly hand-piped swirls of frosting, a zigzag drizzle of milk chocolate, crunchy toasted nibbed hazelnuts, chocolate sprinkles and a cherry on top (naturally). This gorgeously kitsch cake will fly off your counter in no time!




18 pre-cut portions

We're all sold out! We've baked the last of these, but there's a new Small Batch Bake every week.