Need a new cake partner? Try us for free!

Get the real Cakesmiths experience. 

When you’re looking for a cake partner, sample packs can be a bit hit and miss; a mixture of different slices in a nice box is all well and good - but what you don’t get is the full experience. The cakes, the quality, the packaging, and the delivery all need to be assessed. 

So, here at Cakesmiths we’re offering you the chance to get the real Cakesmiths experience, for free. Plus, you get to try the cakes that matter to you the most. 

Here’s what to do.

1. Pick any two cakes of your choice from our range (up to £30 value), with free delivery
2. Receive them next day and tuck in yourself or sell them to your customers
3. We’ll send you a £30 voucher to use on your first main order

It’s that simple!

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