Care & Display

Care & Display

So that you and your customers enjoy our cakes in tip-top condition, follow our simple cake care recommendations, also available to download and print.

Place cakes in the freezer once delivered

1. Please ensure your cakes are placed into the freezer as soon as possible once delivered. Store cakes in a freezer observing the Best Before Date.

Remove packaging and defrost Loafcakes for 12/24hrs

2. When ready to use, remove outer packaging and film. Remember Loafcakes require 12/24 hours to defrost fully, all of our other cakes just need an hour.


3. Run a sharp knife through the incisions to ensure a clean slice. Traycakes will require a knife to be run underneath the product (unfold tray to do this). Loafcakes can be portioned using the portion guide printed on the side of the box, either 7's or 8's it's up to you.

Display your cakes

4. Our favourite method to display our cakes is at room temperature covered by cake domes or covered in a patisserie fridge. You can prolong their shelf life by covering and refrigerating at night.

If you follow these simple guidelines we promise you'll enjoy serving and eating our cakes as much as we've enjoyed baking them. If you have any questions please contact:
[email protected]