The history of our humble brownie

The Palmer House Hotel in Chicago was hosting guests for the Columbian Expedition to honour the 400 years after Christopher Columbus had arrived to America. Bertha Palmer, wife of Mr. Palmer, wanted the chefs of the hotel to create a lady-like dessert. She requested something small that could fit into the boxed lunches for the fair. They concocted the delictable desert complete with an apricot glaze.
And with that, the brownie was born! Although it wasn't actually given its name until much later, The Palmer House Hotel still serve up the apricot glazed brownie to their chocolate-loving customers.
Whilst we don't have an apricot glazed brownie, we do have three varieties that we think will tickle your customers tastebuds: Our Ultimate Brownie is packed full of serious chocolately naughtiness; made with Belgian chocolate, each bite is made better with milk and white chocolate chunks.
If that wasn't enough for you, we also offer the Ultimate Almond Brownie! So if your customers like a bit of crunch, this might just be the ticket. Not a fan of walnuts but still want the crunch? Then you'll love our award-winning Hazelnut praline brownie. It's gooey, nutty and chocolately and completely dairy and gluten free. Sound too good to be true? Tasting is believing!
So to Celebrate all things brownie we have applied TRIPLE BROWNIE POINTS to all three of our brownies on orders delivered this week (week ending 17/01/14)!! Don't forget that 40 brownie points = a completely free tray of our Ultimate Brownie.
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