Henny & Joe's Chai

Cakesmiths now stock Henny & Joes Chai

Instantly I knew this product was special. Not only is it handmade and completely natural, two things akin to our own ethos, but made right under our noses here in Bath. Georgina set to work almost immediately on a cake to do it justice, whilst I worked tirelessly on chai and cake related puns like Chai-cing! Needless to say, it was Georgina's hard work that bore the fruit and our newly launched Chai Spiced Apple Cake was born. Find out more about Henny & Joes Chai below with words from Ash himself...

“Having worked in Bath and the hospitality industry for over ten years, I have been fortunate to work with many restaurants and cafés — the majority of whom serve chai. From my experience, these establishments had in place a rather lengthy process for the preparation of their chai, and what’s more, it contained needless artificial additives. Most importantly, I believe that they lacked both the quality and the taste of my own recipe. After perfecting my delicious chai recipe, I started taking the product from place to place. Inspired by the positive reaction that I received, and owing to popular demand, October 2013 saw me launch my company, based here in Bath. But what to call it? Well, naturally after my favorite things in the whole world: my sons, Henry and Joseph.

‘Henny & Joes’ is already an award winning Drink Company. We offer a single, very simple product: Henny & Joe's No.1 Original Masala Chai syrup. ‘Masala chai’ for the uninitiated is Hebrew for ‘mixed spice tea’. Using only 100% natural ingredients, we blend aromatic whole spices such as Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Vanilla, All Spice, Fennel Seed, Mixed Spice and Star Anise to give a taste that is like no other. It’s naturally free from caffeine as well as artificial preservatives, colourings and additives.

Our chai syrup is unique, and as syrup it gives it great versatility of use. We’ve experimented with puddings, chocolates, cocktails, baking, milkshakes and even beer.

We picked up the 2014 Taste of the West Gold Award. A few months later we won the 'Best Non-Alcoholic Hot Drink 2014' Taste of the West Award. We have also received approval from the Vegetarian Society to cap off a great start for such a young business.

If you'd like to try Henny & Joe's for yourself you can find it in a variety of locations across Bath, Bristol and Frome (detailed on our website) or can be bought directly via"

Ashley Bailey, Director of Henny & Joes Ltd