Changes to our deliveries

May we start by saying we recognise that this issue is bigger than business and above all, we hope you keep safe and well. In a business sense, many of you, like us, will be making very uncomfortable and hard decisions that only days ago we all wouldn't ever have thought we would need to make. The businesses which we have all nurtured and love are on the edge of survival and we must be clear and decisive in our thinking to be able to ride this one out together. To this end, we must make some changes to our usual service pattern. 

With immediate effect - Deliveries are moved to  Twice Weekly Tuesdays & Fridays Only

We would just like to thank you for being understanding during this extremely difficult time, if there is anything we can do to help just let us know.  We are absolutely focussed on being here in the future and we plan to be around to bake for you as things roll out in the future. Whilst it is tempting to be pessimistic at times like this we are optimistic in all our abilities to see this through and come out stronger and obviously a little bit wiser!

Stay strong, stay safe and together we can get through this.

The Cakesmiths