Calling all Chocoholics

The brownie is a classic that people return to time and time again, but it's great to push chocolate boundaries. Which is why we think your customers are going to love the new addition to our brownie range - the Super Dark Brownie.

The good news? It's suitable for vegans and chocoholics alike. The even better news? To celebrate the expansion of our brownie range, we're extending Brownie Points too so you can redeem points on ALL brownies now. But back to that in a minute. 

Packed full with 70% cocoa nibs (chocolate that hasn't been ground and mixed with sugar yet so is often seen as a 'healthier' option), the Super Dark Brownie offers an intense chocolate whack to the palette, balanced out by the bitter sweet bite and texture of the nibs with Maldon sea salt flakes added too.

Our Cake Inventor Mike, and his team in the Innovation Kitchen, work hard to make sure there is no compromise on the taste for our vegan bakes. One important element is getting the replacement of egg spot on. We've spent many an hour developing an exact combination of ingredients to create an alternative which, amongst other things, involves the use of apple sauce to help bind the mixture in the same way egg does. 

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And what about the Brownie Points we hear you say? Find out more here