Bubbles an explanation...

The recent movement in price of this product, we believe, is worthy of an explanation.

Simply put since its conception in 2011 it has been under priced but as a signature Cakesmiths product for years we have been happy to overlook this. Unfortunately over the last two years we have seen dramatic increases in many of the key ingredients that make up this signature product. These increases in namely butter, chocolate and shortcake balls (there is only one known supplier that we're aware of!) have made it unsustainable to continue making it or selling it at the current price. 

Having spoken to many of you Cakesmiths without Bubbles would be unthinkable so with a heavy heart and an 18 month plan we have had to increase the cut count and increase the tray cost to attain a slice cost that we feel is still acceptable in the market for such a premium product.

Thinking longterm (the 18 month plan I mentioned) and as a way to lessen the blow, last year we launched Salted Caramel Brownie to give that salted Caramel fans somewhere else to get there fix we also improved our Caramel slice recipe. 

The New Salted Caramel Bubbles is available now or alternatives:
Salted Caramel Brownie
Caramel Slice

We thank you for your understanding but feel free to drop us a note should you wish to [email protected]

Kindest Regards